The Bath Sack™

Instructions For Use with Cats, Rabbits or Other Small Animals

The Bath Sack™ is made from heavy-duty, larger mesh polyester fabric allowing for easier shampooing, rinsing and dipping. The hook-and-loop collar provides a quick, secure fit for all neck sizes. The rear drawstring makes access to the rear-end simple for additional trimming and grooming.

1. Open the collar.
2. Starting at the drawstring opening, bunch the mesh from the sides of the sack to the collar—as you would with a sock. When finished there will be an opening in the center.
3. Place the cat on a flat surface, facing away from you. Slip the opening over the cat's head and secure the hook-and-loop collar. The fit should be snug but not overly tight. Then secure the hook-and-loop closure on the back of the neck.
4. Holding the drawstring or bottom edge, pull down over the cat's body and tighten the cord lock, securing the cat inside.
5. The cat is now ready for bathing, grooming or dipping.

1. Open the collar and the neck hook-and-loop. Normally the cat will exit out of the opening.
2. IF NOT, bunch the sides, as in step 2 above, and slip over the cat's head to remove.



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