Collection: Animal Stretchers

Our maneuverable Soft Quick Carry™ or the Quick Carry™ frame stretcher serves to meet your pet-care transportation needs.

Soft Quick Carry™ — Three Sizes(Small,Large and Jumbo)

  • Allows for easy transport of any dog or other small animal, for emergencies, recovery, or other pet-care situations.
  • Maneuver in the tightest corners and store almost anywhere.
  • Constructed of washable, durable, reinforced nylon pack cloth with padded handles for years of heavy use.

Quick Carry™

  • Our rigid-frame, 21”x 48” — 1” aluminum frame is anodized for easy cleanup.
  • The cover is made of dirt-resistant, durable nylon pack cloth and is easily removed for machine washing.
  • Pets remain secure with body straps with easy-adjusting, side-release buckles.